Diogo Gomes

Head Instructor

Head instructor and founder of RCT,  Diogo Gomes is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Fabio “Patela” Prado and has been training since he was 15 years of age. Diogo’s guidance and coaching has helped his students to obtain first place victories in the US Open, Pan Ams, Bay Area Jiu-Jitsu Classic, Jiu-Jitsu by the Sea, and America Cup. He is dedicated to the progress, safety, and improvement of everyone on his team and always welcomes new students.

Jose Ortega


Jose Ortega is a purple belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and has been training since 2010 under RCT founder Diogo Gomes and Carlson Gracie Team. He Operates supreme mma and teaches grappling in middle school programs in Oakland ca. He also has knowledge in Boxing, Wrestlling and real life self defense.

Esteban Olaque


Esteban Olaque is a blue belt under Diogo Gomes.  

Jadsoon Souza
Capoeira  Instructor

Jadson Souza, or Professor Caçador, is a professor of Capoeira Regional under Mestre Bamba from Bahia, Brazil. Professor Caçador has been training Capoeira for over a decade and teaching since 2006. Original from Brazil, Jadson taught at the Associacao de Capoeira Mestre Bimba in Bahia. In 2007, he graduated from Unijorge University with a degree in Physical Education. This has complemented his Capoeira instruction as well as his vibrant energy and passion for this significant art form.